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Welcome to Stonnall History Group

About Us
We are an informal group of Stonnall history enthusiasts and volunteers. Our aim is to discover, gather and publish historical information relating to the village and its neighbourhood.

Our Projects
In March 2012, we discovered the remains of a building next to the pinfold between Church Road and Church Lane. All the evidence indicates that it is the site of the mediƦval St Peter's Chapel.

In the following September, we conducted further archaeological investigations. To view the latest information, please take this link.

Another of our primary projects is the collection of historical photos. We now have a very large collection of landscape, building and personal albums.

These are being extended on an almost continuous basis as new material is discovered and catalogued.

Have Your Say
You can now post comments to the News pages and to any of the articles. Have your say or ask any questions you like. For example, you might have queries about your ancestors, Stonnall's ancient landscape or the village's built environment.

New Interactive Features
We now have a section of interactive features, including a game, a quiz and a slide show. These pages can be accessed by all visitors taking this link. Additionally, there is now a forum (registration necessary).

Join Us
You can join us easily in two ways. You can join our group in Facebook by taking this link. Alternatively, you can join us directly online by using the Join page.

There are no fees, no subscriptions and no hierarchies. Whether you want to be an active or passive member is up to you. All you need is enthusiasm for the subject.

Social Events and Meetings
We usually meet quarterly, but frequency depends on demand. Take the News link for details of the next occasion.

The Illustration Above
This shows Alan Heywood's drawing of Gainsborough Farm. The farm was the scene of a Bronze Age burial discovery in 1824 when William Tennant was the landowner. The events surrounding this discovery are covered in this article.

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