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The images in the header strap are from a collection of 1950s and 1960s Stonnall photographs by John Webb. Other photgraphs and images are credited where they appear in the website.

Lost Chapel Dig Personnel
The Stonnall Time Team workers are Graham Black, Barry Carpenter, Gill Goodwin, Scarlet Goodwin, Gordon Mycock, Ben Ward-Davies, Julian Ward-Davies and
Marcus Ward-Davies. A special thanks to Alan Ramsell who reported building debris in the field and who allowed us to investigate.

Contributors and Sources
Eric Fisher, Graeme Fisher, Linda Gerwinat,Gordon Mycock, Alan and Pamela Ramsell, Rev Henry Sanders, Cllr David Smith,Julian Ward-Davies, Rev T J Ward-Davies, John Webb.

Other Acknowledgements
Lichfield Records Office, Stafford Records Office, the William Salt Library, Google Books and Maps, Facebook.

Forum and Chat
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